Installing MuPDF from Source on Mac OS X 10.10

MuPDF is a modular, actively developed:

lightweight PDF, XPS, and E-book viewer

MuPDF repository screenshot showing recent developer activity.

MuPDF is developed as free software under version 3 of the Affero GNU General Public License.

Step 1 - Download the Source

Go to the mupdf downloads page to find the latest version; currently

Move to a directory where you'd like to build the package from source and grab the source files:


Step 2 - Uncompress the download:

tar -zxvf mupdf-1.10a-source.tar.gz

Step 3 - Install According to README

Enter the working directory and consult the README which recommends installing with the following command:

make prefix=/usr/local install

Cross your fingers and hope that everything worked.

Step 4 - Test by Opening a PDF

mupdf-gl example.pdf


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