Linux on Lenovo Carbon X1 (7th gen) Laptop

I have a co-worker who purchased a Lenovo Carbon X1 laptop (7th generation). It's a nice, light machine; great potential for a laptop if all of the gremlins can be sorted when running Linux.


  • keyboard backlight does not work
  • speakers do not work
  • microphone does not work
  • etc.

Firmware Updates

Display all devices detected by fwupd: fwupdmgr get-devices

Note: Listed devices may not be updatable through fwupd (e.g. integrated graphics); download latest metadata from LVFS: fwupdmgr refresh

List updates available for any device on the system: fwupdmgr get-updates

Install updates: fwupdmgr update

Ubuntu 20.04 seems to have fixed the mic and speakers; probably various fixes have made it into the updated kernel versions.


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