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yum  CentOS  package management  linux  system administration 

A quick reference for Yum - the CentOS package manager.

Read 2019-07-05

linux  Battery Life  Power Management  Laptops  TLP 

Some tips to improve laptop battery life on Kubuntu 18.04 (mostly applicable to Ubuntu and other linux variants as well).

Read 2019-08-09

rsync  linux 

Better file/directory copying with rsync; a fast, versatile, remote (and local) file-copying tool

Read 2019-08-09

stat  linux  linux utilities  permissions 

Easily display the permissions (in octal form) of a file or folder in linux with the 'stat' command.

Read 2019-11-21

linux  KDE  Kubuntu  Kubuntu 18.04 

Notes on setup and preferences for Kubuntu 18.04

Read 2019-05-03

linux  git 

How to convert a separate (non-master) branch to the master branch in git while retaining history.

Read 2016-08-27

SSH  linux  Putty  .ppk  OpenSSH 

How to convert a putty private key file (.ppk) to openssh format on Mac operating system.

Read 2013-07-14

linux  Systemd 

Short article about editing a systemd unit file for cron on Arch Linux.

Read 2013-07-04

linux  Ubuntu  Laravel  Node  NPM  Gulp  Laravel Elixir  Ubuntu 14.04 

Resolving an issue with Gulp and Laravel Elixir by re-installing Node.js and NPM on Ubuntu 14.04

Read 2016-12-13

linux  Docker 

Getting started with Docker containers using Docker and Docker Compose on Ubuntu 14.04

Read 2016-11-17

linux  PXE  NAS  DD-WRT  Arch Linux 

How to boot and install (Arch) linux distro over a network using the Preboot Execution Environment (PXE)

Read 2013-08-05

linux  linux utilities  Ubuntu  Supervisor  Laravel 

Installing and using the Supervisor utility on Ubuntu to manage Laravel Queue processes and other programs.

Read 2016-12-12

linux  Ubuntu  KDE  Ubuntu 16.10  Kubuntu  Kubuntu 16.10  term  konsole  term-string 

Doing some investigation of the Term String ($TERM) on an installation of Kubuntu 16.10.

Read 2017-04-15

linux  NAS  Ubuntu  NFS  Synology 

How to persistently mount a Synology NAS shared folder on a Ubuntu 16.10 client machine.

Read 2017-04-07

linux  PHP  LAMP 

Short article about a PHP error with gd library including steps to resolution.

Read 2013-03-01