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linux  linux utilities  Ubuntu  Ubuntu 16.04  apt-cache  package management  command line  CLI 

Use the apt-cache and apt utilities on the Ubuntu command line to search for and obtain information about packages.

Read 2017-08-17

linux  Apache  SSL  TLS  HTTPS  Ubuntu  Lets Encrypt 

How to install and setup HTTPS (SSL/TLS) using Let's Encrypt and Apache 2.4 on Ubuntu 14.04

Read 2016-10-14

linux  Freeswitch  Voip  Ntpd  CentOS 

Short article on how to use ntpd to handle system time, as well as syncing the freeswitch process with system time in centos.

Read 2013-08-31

IPv4  routing  networking  linux  Windows  Mac  BSD 

Article about the Windows 'route' utility. Information about the Linux and BSD (Mac) route commands included as well.

Read 2013-03-15

Lenovo  Laptops  Lenovo Carbon X1 (7th gen)  linux 

Notes on using linux with a Lenovo Carbon X1 (7th generation) laptop

Read 2020-09-02

Apache 2.4  Apache (httpd)  linux  web servers  Debian  Debian 10  SSL  mod_ssl 

A quick foray into disabling SSLSessionTickets in Apache2 (because there is no automated key rotation mechanism implemented yet).

Read 2020-09-15

Debian 10  Apache 2.4  Apache  system administration  linux  PHP  PHP-FPM 

How to switch from Apache2 mpm_prefork to mpm_event module and setup php-fpm in Debian 10.

Read 2020-09-15

Vim  linux  bash  scripts 

Script to install latest Vim from source on linux (no GUI, with python, and some other tweaks). Easy to repurpose

Read 2022-08-03