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PHP  PHP functions  quick tips  web development 

A better way to perform intermediate to complex string replace routines in PHP.

Read 2019-05-03

PHP  Composer 

How to create a new PHP project from scratch using composer.

Read 2019-06-07

Ubuntu 16.04  PHP  PHP 7.0  PHP 7.1 

How to upgrade from PHP 7.0 to PHP 7.1 on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial)

Read 2019-07-29

PHP  PHP 7.1  type safety 

A quick look at how to declare a nullable return type in PHP 7.1 and above.

Read 2019-11-05

PHP  PDO  sqlite  web development 

Short reminder how to connect to a sqlite database with PHP's PDO database library

Read 2020-08-14

PHP  snippets  dates  PHP DateTime 

Working with dates in yyyy-mm-dd format in PHP with the DateTime class. How to evaluate if an input is a valid date in yyyy-mm-dd input and formatting the DateTime object as a string.

Read 2017-08-17

PHP  CLI  PHP Scripting  Boilerplate 

Options for creating quick PHP command line scripts

Read 2019-03-23

PHP  Regular Expressions  Reference 

Quick reference for using regular expressions in PHP.

Read 2018-09-15

linux  PHP  LAMP 

Short article about a PHP error with gd library including steps to resolution.

Read 2013-03-01

PHP  PHP Snippets 

A short snippet of PHP to remove duplicate values from a comma delimited string.

Read 2014-02-05

PHP  web development  Mac  WordPress  Apache  MariaDB  WP-CLI 

This post covers the installation and configuration of a local development environment for WordPress (and other projects) on Mac OSX 10.11 using Apache 2.4, PHP, MariaDB, and the WP CLI command line utility

Read 2016-10-13

PHP  LAMP  web development  Apache  MariaDB  Ubuntu 

Checklist of steps to configure a LAMP web server stack on Ubuntu 16.04 using Apache 2.4, MariaDB, and PHP 7 on a Digital Ocean VPS.

Read 2016-11-07

PHP  Projects  Wolfcms-disqus  Disqus  Wolfcms  web development 

A Wolf CMS plugin providing Disqus comment integration.

Read 1969-12-31

Debian 10  Apache 2.4  Apache  system administration  linux  PHP  PHP-FPM 

How to switch from Apache2 mpm_prefork to mpm_event module and setup php-fpm in Debian 10.

Read 2020-09-15


How to get the URL of the current page in PHP via the `$_SERVER` superglobal

Read 2020-10-15