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Laravel collections  PHP  Laravel models  Eloquent 

Quick overview of differences between Laravel Eloquent Models and a Collection

Read 2021-07-20

PHP  PHP Snippets  PHP one-liners  PHP arrays 

One liner to remove empty (falsey) values from an array in PHP

Read 2021-07-30

PHP  PHP strings  PHP special characters  PHP escape sequences  web development 

A (probably) non-exhaustive list of PHP special characters / escape sequences in double quoted strings.

Read 2021-10-28

curl  PHP  PHP output buffer  snippets 

Snippet for detailed curl request debugging in PHP using the output buffer.

Read 2021-09-14

Docker  Dockerfile  PHP  web development 

A collection of a few real life PHP project Dockerfile examples

Read 2021-12-03

overpunch  PHP  data formats 

Parsing overpunch in PHP

Read 2022-02-02

PHP  MIME types 

Get a file's MIME type info in PHP

Read 2022-02-19