Vim  linux  bash  scripts 

Script to install latest Vim from source on linux (no GUI, with python, and some other tweaks). Easy to repurpose

Read 2022-08-03

Vim  vimdiff  git  git difftool 

How to diff / vimdiff a file against it's contents in another git branch.

Read 2022-08-02

Docker  Docker Virtual Networks  containers  networking  docker-compose 

Notes about Docker Virtual Networks

Read 2022-07-29

PHP  MIME types 

Get a file's MIME type info in PHP

Read 2022-02-19


Default usernames for some AWS server AMIs

Read 2022-02-03

overpunch  PHP  data formats 

Parsing overpunch in PHP

Read 2022-02-02

Apple  iPhone 

Notes on setup and use of an Apple iPhone

Read 2022-01-31

Docker  Dockerfile  PHP  web development 

A collection of a few real life PHP project Dockerfile examples

Read 2021-12-03

socks5 proxy  proxies  privacy  SSH 

SOCKS5 Proxy Demystified (it just uses SSH, don't even have to install anything else)

Read 2021-11-15

Email  disposable email 

A few options for disposable, temporary, and/or unique email address strategies.

Read 2021-10-30

Laravel  Laravel packages  Composer  Laravel Tinker  web development 

How to remove the Laravel Tinker package (installed by default)

Read 2021-10-28

PHP  PHP strings  PHP special characters  PHP escape sequences  web development 

A (probably) non-exhaustive list of PHP special characters / escape sequences in double quoted strings.

Read 2021-10-28

Laravel  Laravel Vapor  AWS  AWS RDS 

Laravel Vapor doesn't delete databases from AWS when deleting an environment from the CLI, so remember to use the `vapor database:delete` command before deleting the environment or else you may have orphaned databases increasing your AWS bill.

Read 2021-09-14

curl  PHP  PHP output buffer  snippets 

Snippet for detailed curl request debugging in PHP using the output buffer.

Read 2021-09-14

XMPP  Jabber  chat 

Links about XMPP protocol, software/providers, jabber, etc from some quick research

Read 2021-08-23