gulp.js  gulp-purifycss  purifycss  Laravel  CSS  web development  Laravel Elixir 

Identify and remove unused CSS with gulp-purifycss. Helpful for legacy projects with lots of CSS cruft.

Read 2021-08-10

open data  National Drug Code (NDC)  prescription drug data  OpenFDA  RxNorm 

Information about data sources for US prescription drug data and misc. US healthcare/drug info

Read 2021-07-30

PHP  PHP Snippets  PHP one-liners  PHP arrays 

One liner to remove empty (falsey) values from an array in PHP

Read 2021-07-30

DNS  Firefox  Firefox settings 

How to clear DNS cache in Firefox

Read 2021-07-30

box/spout  PHP packages  composer packages  Excel PHP  spreadsheets  PHP spreadsheets 

Quick docs for using old versions (2.x) of the box/spout PHP spreadsheet package (official docs seem to be gone since version 3 released)

Read 2021-07-21

Laravel collections  PHP  Laravel models  Eloquent 

Quick overview of differences between Laravel Eloquent Models and a Collection

Read 2021-07-20

git  version control  git log 

Inspect a file's history, hash, commit info, diffs, etc. for a specific file in git

Read 2021-07-12

koans  C++ 

A few koan-style learning resources for C++

Read 2021-04-14

data structures  hash tables  algorithms  definitions 

Quick summary of the 'hash table' data structure

Read 2021-03-18

Docker  docker-compose  containers  Reference 

Quick reference of some commands to interface with docker directly and/or via docker-compose

Read 2021-03-16

formulas  excel formulas 

Quick reminder for formula to calculate original (full) price when only percent discount and actual (sale) price are known.

Read 2021-03-01

security  GnuPG  SHA256  software integrity  phishing 

Overview on how to verify the integrity of downloaded software prior to installation.

Read 2021-02-23

LibreOffice  LibreOffice Calc  spreadsheets 

How to remove all images in a LibreOffice Calc spreadsheet

Read 2021-02-11

HTTP  web servers  Apache  HTTP 408 

A bit of info about the HTTP 408 Request Timeout error and some reasons why the error occurs.

Read 2021-02-05


How to get the URL of the current page in PHP via the `$_SERVER` superglobal

Read 2020-10-15