DBeaver  MacOS  Java 

Workaround for an issue causing DBeaver error 'Failed to create java virtual machine'.

Read 2020-04-09

NetlifyCMS  static site generators  Netlify  hugo 

Example NetlifyCMS config.yml Configurations

Read 2020-02-22

Ubuntu 19.10  Ubuntu  snap  hugo 

How to install Hugo from source on Ubuntu 19.10

Read 2020-02-08

git  version control 

If you've commited some changes in git to the wrong branch, but haven't pushed, use the git reset --soft command to move your changes to the correct branch.

Read 2020-02-06


A quick overview of how to recover an unresponsive EC2 instance by mounting the root volume on another instance.

Read 2020-01-30

Python  beautiful soup  python 3  scraping 

Notes for web scraping projects utlizing Python 3 and Beautiful Soup

Read 2020-01-30

MySQL  MariaDB  RDBMS  system administration 

Quick notes on how to enable root / admin user privileges from remote hosts.

Read 2019-12-31

stat  linux  linux utilities  permissions 

Easily display the permissions (in octal form) of a file or folder in linux with the 'stat' command.

Read 2019-11-21

Android  Android apps 

A list of useful android apps; focusing on free, open source, and user respecting apps.

Read 2019-11-15

PHP  PHP 7.1  type safety 

A quick look at how to declare a nullable return type in PHP 7.1 and above.

Read 2019-11-05

Ubuntu  Ubuntu 18.04  Personal Package Archives (PPA) 

Quick command to list software sources and additional PPAs in Ubuntu 18.04

Read 2019-11-05


Save the contents of a python interactive session to a file.

Read 2019-11-01

static sites  JAMstack  web forms 

A few options for handling form submissions on static websites.

Read 2019-11-01

CSS  box-shadow 

Quick reference for CSS box-shadow property

Read 2019-10-18

KDE  Okular  PDF  Kubuntu 

Find and fix the XML file that Okular uses to store PDF bookmark data.

Read 2019-10-01