VPN  Algo VPN  WireGuard  Kubuntu  Ubuntu  Kubuntu 18.04  Ubuntu 18.04  wg-quick  networking  routing 

How setup a WireGuard VPN client on Ubuntu/Kubuntu 18.04 (VPN provisioned using Algo VPN)

Read 2019-08-10

linux  Battery Life  Power Management  Laptops  TLP 

Some tips to improve laptop battery life on Kubuntu 18.04 (mostly applicable to Ubuntu and other linux variants as well).

Read 2019-08-09

rsync  linux 

Better file/directory copying with rsync; a fast, versatile, remote (and local) file-copying tool

Read 2019-08-09

Ubuntu 16.04  PHP  PHP 7.0  PHP 7.1 

How to upgrade from PHP 7.0 to PHP 7.1 on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial)

Read 2019-07-29

yum  CentOS  package management  linux  system administration 

A quick reference for Yum - the CentOS package manager.

Read 2019-07-05

KDE Wallet  KDE  SSH Keys  ssh-agent  ksshaskpass  Kubuntu 

How to setup KDE Wallet for use with SSH keys with ssh-agent and ksshaskpass.

Read 2019-06-08

PHP  Composer 

How to create a new PHP project from scratch using composer.

Read 2019-06-07

PHP  PHP functions  quick tips  web development 

A better way to perform intermediate to complex string replace routines in PHP.

Read 2019-05-03

linux  KDE  Kubuntu  Kubuntu 18.04 

Notes on setup and preferences for Kubuntu 18.04

Read 2019-05-03

Snippet  shell scripting 

Quick shell script snippet to check if a given program is installed.

Read 2019-05-03

CSS  SVG  web design  quick tips 

A quick way to change the background color of an SVG image defined in CSS using the mask property.

Read 2019-05-02

HTML  HTML Validation  jQuery  Snippet 

Quick workaround to compensate for a fixed header/nav element obscuring the display of native HTML validation messages.

Read 2019-04-04

PHP  CLI  PHP Scripting  Boilerplate 

Options for creating quick PHP command line scripts

Read 2019-03-23

Reference  Markdown 

Quick reference for for Markdown syntax. Markdown is a simple markup language used for composing text documents.

Read 2019-03-13

SSL  TLS  HTTPS  Lets Encrypt  Reference  Certbot 

A handful of commonly used Certbot commands used for managing Let's Encrypt certificates.

Read 2019-01-23