linux  Docker 

Getting started with Docker containers using Docker and Docker Compose on Ubuntu 14.04

Read 2016-11-17

WordPress  WP-CLI  Ubuntu 

List of steps on how to use the WP CLI utility to download, install, and configure WordPress from the command line on Ubuntu 16.04

Read 2016-11-16

PHP  LAMP  web development  Apache  MariaDB  Ubuntu 

Checklist of steps to configure a LAMP web server stack on Ubuntu 16.04 using Apache 2.4, MariaDB, and PHP 7 on a Digital Ocean VPS.

Read 2016-11-07

linux  Apache  SSL  TLS  HTTPS  Ubuntu  Lets Encrypt 

How to install and setup HTTPS (SSL/TLS) using Let's Encrypt and Apache 2.4 on Ubuntu 14.04

Read 2016-10-14

PHP  web development  Mac  WordPress  Apache  MariaDB  WP-CLI 

This post covers the installation and configuration of a local development environment for WordPress (and other projects) on Mac OSX 10.11 using Apache 2.4, PHP, MariaDB, and the WP CLI command line utility

Read 2016-10-13

Laravel 5  Eloquent  Database 

How to find the count of records in a pivot table for a many-to-many relationship between models in Laravel 5 using Eloquent ORM.

Read 2016-09-25

linux  git 

How to convert a separate (non-master) branch to the master branch in git while retaining history.

Read 2016-08-27

SSH  linux utilities 

Information and quick-use guide for the linux utility 'ssh_copy_id'

Read 2016-08-24

git  version control 

How to discard local changes in a git repository and sync local branch with HEAD (overwriting all local changes).

Read 2016-08-02

linux utilities 

Short post about the pwck Linux utility used to validate /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow Linux password configuration files.

Read 2014-02-25

PHP  PHP Snippets 

A short snippet of PHP to remove duplicate values from a comma delimited string.

Read 2014-02-05

Configs  Vim 

Current .vimrc configuration file for Vim and gVim.

Read 2014-01-30


Short post about the definition of referential integrity in relational database management systems

Read 2013-09-28

linux  Freeswitch  Voip  Ntpd  CentOS 

Short article on how to use ntpd to handle system time, as well as syncing the freeswitch process with system time in centos.

Read 2013-08-31

Windows  Diskpart 

Error message encountered while using the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool to create a bootable Windows 7 USB drive, and using diskpart to format the USB drive and resolve the error.

Read 2013-08-16