git  version control 

How to discard local changes in a git repository and sync local branch with HEAD (overwriting all local changes).

Read 2016-08-02

linux utilities 

Short post about the pwck Linux utility used to validate /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow Linux password configuration files.

Read 2014-02-25

PHP  PHP Snippets 

A short snippet of PHP to remove duplicate values from a comma delimited string.

Read 2014-02-05

Configs  Vim 

Current .vimrc configuration file for Vim and gVim.

Read 2014-01-30


Short post about the definition of referential integrity in relational database management systems

Read 2013-09-28

linux  Freeswitch  Voip  Ntpd  CentOS 

Short article on how to use ntpd to handle system time, as well as syncing the freeswitch process with system time in centos.

Read 2013-08-31

Windows  Diskpart 

Error message encountered while using the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool to create a bootable Windows 7 USB drive, and using diskpart to format the USB drive and resolve the error.

Read 2013-08-16

linux  PXE  NAS  DD-WRT  Arch Linux 

How to boot and install (Arch) linux distro over a network using the Preboot Execution Environment (PXE)

Read 2013-08-05

SSH  linux  Putty  .ppk  OpenSSH 

How to convert a putty private key file (.ppk) to openssh format on Mac operating system.

Read 2013-07-14

linux  Systemd 

Short article about editing a systemd unit file for cron on Arch Linux.

Read 2013-07-04

networking  Windows 

Short post about troubleshooting a blank Windows 7 default gateway setting that was missing after a reboot.

Read 2013-06-05

IPv4  routing  networking  linux  Windows  Mac  BSD 

Article about the Windows 'route' utility. Information about the Linux and BSD (Mac) route commands included as well.

Read 2013-03-15

Android  Cyanogenmod  Touchpad 

Short article on updating HP Touchpad Cyanogenmod 7 to Cyanogenmod 9

Read 2013-03-12

Windows  Configs  Windows Registry 

Short article on how to transfer putty and winscp configs between windows computers.

Read 2013-03-06

linux  PHP  LAMP 

Short article about a PHP error with gd library including steps to resolution.

Read 2013-03-01